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I am Chef Chris Taylor Hood.

Born in to a family of Chefs, Hoteliers and restaurateurs, growing up in and around kitchens and restaurants, it was almost certain that I would enter the catering industry. Learning from my parents I gained an insatiable thirst for knowledge about food, it’s preparation, cooking and service. My family fueled this quest for knowledge by showing me different cuisines from the Michelin Starred to the local gastro pub.

To expand my knowledge, I went to Tante Marie Culinary School. Based on classic French techniques this allowed me to solidify my understanding of both core fundamentals and the technical side of cookery. Leaving Tante Marie with a double credit Cordon Bleu Diploma and other qualifications I went straight into the industry.

Entering the kitchen of Terre A Terre, the award winning Brighton based vegetarian restaurant, under Chef Dino Paldivos, I began to learn about different aspects and styles of cuisine as well as how to handle myself in a commercial kitchen. Far eastern and Indian cuisines abounded in the Terre A Terre kitchen adding new ingredients and techniques to draw on.

Meanwhile I began to consume cookery books from the classical to futuristic. Experimenting as I went, exploring new ingredients and equipment.

Moving on to Gravetye Manor my eyes were opened to the good and bad sides of working in an A La Carte restaurant, from the bombardment of the senior chefs and the demands of service to the enjoyment of the preparation of fine ingredients and the experimentation allowed in such kitchens.

All the while still teaching myself about new techniques, ingredients and cuisines from every book I could get my hands on I moved on to Michelin Starred Ockenden Manor. Where, under Chef Steven Crane and Chef Vincent Fayat, my quest for knowledge and experience grew. Teaching me, once again, that classic techniques and equipment are still some of the most important ways to produce the best. Also nurturing my fondness for futuristic and molecular cuisine.

Now Theata FD is a way for me to introduce new flavors, textures and dining experiences to anyone willing to take the plunge.

Previous Work

  • Terre A Terre
  • Gravetye Manor

  • Ockenden Manor


  • Cordon Bleu Double Credit Diploma from Tante Marie Culinary School

  • Level 2 Award Food and Safety in Catering from Catered Institute of Environmental Health

  • Level 4 Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts 

  • Wine Certificate from John Downes Master of Wines