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Created for a client who wished to impress a potential business client over lunch. With good quality food that would not draw focus too much away from the business to be discussed but would create a good impression. Restrictions given were one of the party of four do not eat meat but the rest of the party would like lamb on the menu.


  • Lobster, Curry, Baby Carrots and Citrus Fruits

  • Lamb, Golden Beets, Elderflower, Red Amaranth

  • Veg Option – Saffron Risotto, Onions, Mango, Haloumi and Almonds

  • Lemon, Olives, Poppy Seeds

  • Strawberries and Red Peppers


I have dinned in some pretty fabulous restaurants with pretty incredible dishes and pretty passionate chefs - Mr Taylor-Hood's dining oozes with the ambrosial nectar of every good quality expected of haute cuisine and transcends it. Being highly experienced at Michelin star level is proof in the pudding that this young chef can cut the mustard (how many cheesy idioms can one get into a review?!) however he is only somewhere near the beginning of his culinary journey and we expect greater and greater things as his style evolves. One very satisfied and full vegetarian customer.