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Case Study:

Tasting Menu


Created for a lady who wished to try new combinations of tastes and texture across the course of an afternoon with four friends in the relaxed atmosphere of her own home. The client gave me free reign to design this menu the only restriction were nothing too spicy and no shellfish.


  • (Canapés – Melon Caviar, Pea ravioli with Iberian ham and truffle oil)

  • Mozzarella, Prunes, Lemongrass and Cocoa

  • Yoghurt, Curry Granola, Poached Apricots, Pickled Onions and Flowers

  • Rosewater Raviolo, Lychee soup, Chili oil, Basil and Roses

  • Beef, Lime sugar, Melon, Cucumber, Pink peppercorns, Coriander and Soy Foam

  • Sea Bass, Chorizo, Lime Glass, Saffron Emulsion, Asparagus

  • Pork Belly, Baby Leeks, Rhubarb and Onions

  • Duck, Purple Carrots, Pears, Orange and Coriander

  • Deconstructed Kir Royale

  • Textures of Pistachios and Cherries

  • Chocolate, Raspberry, Confit Oranges and Lemon Balm

Having worked in the food service industry for many years I have been privileged to eat and work with many great chefs. Innovation, fresh intense flavors, local produce, style and substance are all buzz words for our industry today. A couple of months ago I sat down to a menu cooked and prepared by Chris which had everything. It was an astonishing and wonderful experience and I would urge you to taste the food from this dedicated and superbly creative chef.


I have been fortunate, through my line of business, to eat in some of the world's most famous restaurants. However, I have also been extremely lucky to have experience Chris Taylor Hood's expertise and I have to say that, in my view, he rivals the best in the industry. His originality and combination of flavours leaves one wanting to try more of his beautifully presented dishes and his enthusiasm for his craft in refreshing. I would love him to create a dinner for my closest friends. His cuisine is delicious and truly memorable.


I have been fortunate to enjoy several meals cooked by Chef Chris Taylor Hood. His food is an interesting combination of flavors and textures beautifully served by a calm, competent young man. No bad language or histrionics in his kitchen. Highly recommended.